Any Shimano spare part eg. cones, bearings, springs, adjusters etc, can be ordered direct from Shimano for next day postal delivery, a great service for an emergency situation.

Please also note that all service work needs to be booked in advance,

        Please Ring: 01625 532325

Labour is charged at £40 / hour, and typically for an hours work your bike will receive -

  1. Brake and brake cable check and adjustment

  2. Gear and gear cable check and adjustment

  3. Wheel truing

  4. Wheel bearing check

  5. Headset adjustment

  6. Bottom bracket, cranks and pedal check

  7. Handlebars, stem and seatpost check

  8. Tyres checked and inflated

  9. Chain wear report

Wheel Building/Truing - Rims wear out or hub bearings fail, so sometimes the most economic repair involves building a wheel. Wheel truing from £10 a wheel. Wheel building charge is £25 a wheel.

  1. Quality Sapim or ACI stainless steel spokes used on wheel builds

  2. Touring wheels can be built using 13/14G (2.3/2.0mm) butted spokes

  3. Track wheels can be tied and soldered for rigidity

  4. No wheel building charge on a complete new wheel

Rims from various manufacturers are stocked, including Mavic, DT and Rigida This enables us to do quick rebuilds on many bikes, or build wheels to your own chosen specification. All wheelbuilding is done on site by our own mechanic.

Puncture repairs - are sometimes possible while you wait and certainly within the day. Prices from £10, when a wheel is brought in on it’s own.

Replacement Parts available from the workshop include -

  1. Replacement wheels

  2. Freewheels, chains and chainsets

  3. Freehub bodies

  4. Brake and gear cables

  5. Seat posts

  6. Handlebar grips

  7. Tyres and tubes

  8. Bottom Brackets

  9. Headsets

The Workshop

In our Shimano Service Centre approved workshop we offer every mechanical service available - from a basic puncture repair to a complete renovation.

Our mechanic is CyTech approved and his work and knowledge is second to none.

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